3D CD Standard 12cm SNAStandard 12 cm
3D CD 8cm SNA8 cm DVD
3D CD Sérigraphie partielle SNAPartial screen printing
3D CD Coloré SNAColoured DVD
3D CD Sérialisation SNASerialisation

Standard 12 cm

3D DVD Standard 12 cm SNA

With the same standard dimension as CDs, 12cm DVDs contain much more information. In Video or Rom, DVDs are becoming the reference.

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Pulp Fiction - Edition collector
Les temps modernes

8 cm DVD

3D DVD 8 cm SNA

DVDs also come in 8cm formats.

Nos références

3D DVD 8 cm ref1
Biz must go on - Cellule X

Partial screen printing

3D Sérigraphie partielle SNA

Partial screen printing of the disc means that the mirror appearance of the metalizing process or transparency of polycarbonate can be used.

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Coloured DVD

3D DVD Coloré SNA

Blue, red, yellow... or even black: a whole range of colours is available to set your DVD apart.

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3D Sérialisation SNA

A unique code can be printed on each disc.

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