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SNAdisc: a human experience and technological competence

From the company's original production - replication of vinyl records - in the late 1980s it gradually progressed on to the manufacture of optical discs. SNAdisc has therefore acquired highly effective production tools that it teams up with well-entrenched know-how, a work organization and method, all to benefit the projects entrusted to it. All of the disc production stages are carried out on the Tourouvre site in Normandy with a view to controlling the manufacturing processes: mastering, electroplating, replication with offset CMYK or screen printing, packaging printing, packing and logistics.

All of these assets add the biggest players on the Audio, Video and Rom markets to SNAdisc's list of references.
With its past and ambitious plans for the future, SNAdisc is still one of the leading European replication replicators of CD, DVD,  Blu-Ray and Vinyl.

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